Thursday, 7 May 2015



With its wonky floors and swollen doors
And lights that have no switches,
This is my home
The perfect place
For the gathering of witches

No mobile signal to be found
Damp patches appearing all around
This is my home
The perfect place
For this old and tiny little crone

The garden’s small but big enough
For plants and herbs and witchy stuff
This is my home
My perfect place
Where my goddess keeps me safe

The ridge tiles need setting in mortar
The kitchen roof it lets in water
This is my home
 My happy ever after
Where pain and heartache will be replaced
With love and light and laughter

My home it isn’t perfect
It’s lived in everyday
But if I'm being honest
I wouldn’t want it another way

It’s small and sometimes messy
Not everything knows its place
But if you’re not that fussy
You’ll find a warm embrace

The door is always open
To friends from far and near
If you’re loud or softly spoken
You’ll find a welcome here.

With its wonky floors and swollen doors
And lights that have no switches,
This is my home
 My happy ever after
Where pain and heartache will be replaced
With love and light and laughter

LHW December 2014

Imbolc 2015

Imbolc   2015

The final snows of winter 
fall softly on the mountain
the earth still deep in slumber 
begins to stir once more
Brigid walks, wand in hand 
breathes life upon the earth 
the light returns, first flowers bloom
and winters grip receeds

This is Narcolepsy.....

Been a while since i added anything to my little blog so i think its about time i started again....

For my sister………

This is Narcolepsy

You’ll probably never read this
But I’ll write it anyway
I need you to understand
The struggle I face each day.
Lets start in the morning
With the medication I must take
To simple help me function
I rattle and I shake
And then of course there’s getting dressed
Some day’s this is a chore
To physically to put on my clothes
Can take an hour or more
My body hurts
My joints they ache
I need a nap
More pills to take
Then after lunch, if I remember
To eat of course, another sleep
This is my life –pills and naps
It makes me wants to weep
And yet when night descends
And the rest of the world it snore
With drooping eyes once again
I watch the clock and stare at shadows on the wall
I am so tired
I do not sleep
And yet I still must function
Like a zombie on two feet
My condition is invisible
THIS is narcolepsy
I am still here- shadow of myself
I’m not just being lazy.

And then there is the cataplexy
The “hilarious” falling down bit
It really isn’t funny
When to laugh or cry can make you drop
Like a stone to the floor
Make your face sag, your head flop

I know I am forgetful
It doesn’t mean that I don’t care
I’m not being disrespectful
Because I cant always be there
Fear often prevents me
Embarrassment- what if I fall down?
THIS is narcolepsy
Now do you understand?

I know you don’t believe me
You just don’t think it’s real
I no longer have the energy
Because you cant seem to deal
With an illness that YOU can not see
I know I look so “normal”
That’s the problem with narcolepsy
All I want is for you to believe me.

It isn’t fake, there is no cure
It isn’t very funny
Its unpredictable, my memory is poor
It’s downright devastating


November 2014

Monday, 13 May 2013

under the dark moon I stand
embracing the darkness
calling on the queen of night
to give me strength and guide me
as from the deepest shadows of myself
in all its muddy glory
the parts of me i can not face
rise from the murky depths
lurching its way upwards.

she whispers to me.

on the tell me

"warrior I am
from the battle I emerge triumphant" *
I feel her dance in the shadows
I breathe in the darkness
and her strength

warrior I will become
and I too will emerge triumphant

* Errol Weiner

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 30


As above 
so below
now its time 
For the crone to go
As within 
so without
See the maiden 
Dance about

As above 
so below
round the Beltane fire
we go
As without
So within
Let the summer dance

King of day
Queen of night
join this day
in union rite

Monday, 29 April 2013

As this poetry month comes to an end
I've been on a journey with a faithful friend
with pen in pocket and book in hand
I wanted you to understand.
These 30 days have given to me
the time to sit, to write, to be free
to wander up where clouds are high,
where eagles sore and dragons fly!
The words I write,
I write for me
but because of friends,
they've been set free

So If you pushed me to do this "chore"
I humbly thank you..and should say so more..

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My class

Today my class when feeling bold
refused to do as they were told
They didn't want to learn today
They only wanted to chat and play.
It didn't matter what I said,
I might as well have banged my head,
against the board or on the wall,
they even talked in assembly hall!!
I saw my arse
I threw a strop
They carried on!
they wouldn't stop!!
In the end  I yelled "ENOUGH!
It's time with you I got all tough!
This constant chatting has to cease
its time you did your work in peace!
If you don't like my brand new rule,
Prehaps you need another school!"
They looked at me, and silence fell,
they'd heard my words, this I could tell.
I looked around from face to face,
did I see respect? nope not a trace..
Instead they grinned from ear to ear
with a smile that  says its that time of year!
The end of term is drawing near
reports are close too I fear!
Assessments too, targets to meet,
no time to play or sleep or eat.

So kids forgive your teachers if they are cross
they only want to please the boss
If the boss is happy, teacher will be too
and THAT can only be good for you!